Last year, I visited the Comic Con in Mumbai. For the uninitiated, Comic Con is a place where geeks meet up to share their geekiness. It’s the place where your unnecessarily deep knowledge about the lore of a video game makes you somewhat of a genius. People also cosplay, which is basically dressing up as your favourite character from a comic, or a video game, or an anime.

I was fumbling my way through the masses of people, and I came across this girl holding a carrying tray with a neck-strap snugly held around her neck. She was about 5’ 3” and wearing something akin to the traditional Dutch attire.

I looked at the tray with curiosity and found…lemons? About two dozen lemons, of different sizes and shapes. She noticed me staring and promptly offered me one. I was flummoxed. I was trying to get a grasp of what was going on.

“You’re going around, giving people lemons?”


“I don’t get it”

“Do you want a lemon?”

I hesitantly took the lemon that she had offered, for it is rude to decline an offering of a lemon. As I accepted this lemon, the girl started moving elsewhere to do her lemon business.

As she walked away, I asked her, “Hey wait, who’re you supposed to be?”

She looked back, with a smile and said, “I’m life”