Blog Chronicles: The Revival

I’ve been tinkering around with a lot of things in the last year. Everytime I thought about writing a “How to setup…” post, I felt like there wasn’t much value I could add that didn’t exist already. For eg - “How to setup Home Assistant”.

However! I’d still like to share some of the ideas that I’ve implemented that may not be out there, or a different implementation of the same idea. This sound a bit abstract, I know.

As of now, I only have home automation topics in mind, but I might start writing about other things.

Here’s some of the things I’m planning to write about in the coming month(s) -

  • An overview of my home automation setup
  • Controlling my air conditioner with keyboard shortcuts, cause why not?
  • Controlling my bulb with my Mi Band, cause why not?
  • Building my own (WiFi controlled) Ambilight for my PC (which also works with Home Assistant)
  • Room presence detection using Mi Band (or any other cheap fitness band)
  • Setting up an environment to quickly deploy applications